The power of our nature

BEEOTEC is a Brazilian “Deep Tech” that operates in the biotechnology segment.

Brazilian biodiversity has very rich natural substances, capable of transforming themselves into powerful bioactive compounds. However, despite all this power, this science is still not fully explored.

Using science, technology and this biodiversity as a mean, we bring alternatives to solving real problems and demands, in addition to contributing to a better and naturally sustainable world.

Solutions for life

At BEEOTEC, we develop products that are the natural evolution of the industry. We use the knowledge
of organic and natural substances and ingredients to scientifically convert it into innovative, effective and
replicable products on a large scale, in a virtuous circle.

Natural Evolution

Naturally Effective

Sustainable Alternative

Good for people, good for the planet.

Leading Natural Evolution

Among exclusive discoveries and global patents, BEEOTEC aims to responsibly explore the full
potential of nature through the use of green chemistry, that is, the benefit of science related to
the environment.

30+ projects
50+ potential patents

Global Patent


We have discovered new molecules, created from the innovation of the exclusive process of diluting propolis in water, resulting in a patent filed globally.

BEEOCITRIX is used as an active ingredient for the development of products in the health, personal and professional care, agricultural and veterinary areas.


Our solutions take the Beeocitrix® active ingredient and plant-based inputs, water-based, biodegradable, non-toxic and non-corrosive, which open up a new horizon in the concept of hygiene and cleaning.

Thus, BeeCare solutions have natural properties that act as a detergent and disinfectant, acting on bacteria and fungi, protecting surfaces with bacteriostatic properties, without causing damage to humans, animals or the environment, and inhibiting odors. Volatile molecules are natural products that act in the air, protecting against suspended microorganisms.


Innovative and technological solutions, created through Beeocitrix®, which can be applied in different types of crops, in a natural and organic way with high performance, resulting in a healthy, more productive and sustainable crop.


Development of specific products for the livestock veterinarian.

Together with the use of green chemistry and sustainable technologies, the development of our solutions for this sector brings a molecular analysis on targets for application of Beeocitrix® molecules in association with other herbal medicines. The result brings new versions of supplements that contribute to the improvement of respiratory, parasitic, inflammatory and bacterial problems in livestock.

Along with biotechnology developed by BEEOTEC, these supplies help in better digestibility, in addition to contributing to the reduction of methane emissions associated with livestock.


BEEOTEC’s portfolio for the beauty sector brings sustainable products with a formulation derived from bio-inputs and natural raw materials, without the use of chemical and toxic additives in their composition. Among our solutions, we offer creams, anti-aging solutions, healing bandages, soaps, among others.


BEEOTEC develops solutions for various pathologies in a sustainable way with a focus on bio-ecological evolution and molecular analysis, delivering in its final formula non-toxic drugs based on green chemistry with high performance.


BEEOTEC has a highly qualified and specialized team of Post-Docs, Doctors, Masters and academics in the field of biotechnology. With the support of the most advanced technology, our team is ready to accelerate processes and ensure high performance results that benefit companies, people and the world.


BEEOTEC’s main objective is to develop solutions with the highest technology, capable of enhancing treatments against problems considered the “evils of modernity” and ensuring the well-being of living beings.

For this, we rescue the use of organic substances, in a correct and sustainable way, with the help of medical and scientific literature and the use of natural products for in silico tests and analyses.