Contribute to a better and naturally sustainable world through science and biodiversity.

BEEOTEC is a Brazilian “Deep Tech” that operates in the biotechnology segment.

What is a deep tech?

Deep tech is a company linked to capitalizing on great discoveries and innovations in the scientific world, also known as a “deep tech” startup. The term “deep tech” was created by Swati Chaturvedi, CEO of Propel (x), an angel investment platform in startups directly linked to the areas of medicine, engineering, chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics.

This is the case with BEEOTEC. We are a company focused on natural biotechnology, which uses high technology and scientific knowledge to study natural inputs, substances and products (previously published, cataloged and which have already been used empirically in the past) to understand how natural substances and products can be used in the development of new assets that collaborate in the search for people’s balance.

For this, we study and understand the mechanisms, carry out the mapping of molecules and use them to formulate disruptive products, thus generating new molecules that can be applied in alternative natural treatments for several known treatments, always with the aim of bringing rebalancing and realization of the well-being of the human being. In this way, BEEOTEC transforms all the knowledge acquired through in science into innovative, effective and replicable products on a large scale – generating a virtuous circle that is good for everyone involved: the environment, people and companies.

BEEOTEC has solid pillars in environmental, social and governance values and aims to develop a profitable and highly scalable business. Following these premisses, we use concepts of bioprospecting and green chemistry through sustainable resources from the very rich (and still little explored) Brazilian diversity.

Consequently, we search for alternatives to solve real problems and demands in the health, agriculture, veterinary, sanitation and personal care sectors, taking into account other business analysis, such as costs, dependence on imported inputs, effectiveness of solutions, toxicities, among others.

We look to the whole to offer innovative and patented technologies, processes, products and formulations in all market verticals in which we operate. With this, we want to make BEEOTEC recognized as a Brazilian deep tech in all continents and help position Brazil in the hall of countries engaged in scientific development with social and environmental responsibility.

Beeotec is in the Top 7 Biotech


“…To scientifically convert our knowledge into innovative, effective and replicable products on a large scale, in a virtuous circle.”

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